“Becoming A Self Made Success Story: Controlling Your Daily Experience”


“That guy really ruined my day”. “I hate this place. Can’t wait to go home”. “This traffic is horrible. What a horrible way to start my day.” “Oh wow. I wasn’t picked for the promotion! Well, my day is shot!”

Do any of these sound familiar? Why is it that most people always place the blame of having a bad day on outside circumstances and other people? Not fully realizing that the “sway” of the day depends completely on our attitudes going into it. Here’s the thing: just like I mentioned in my book, The CEO Effect, we create our day as we go along. I know there may be people out there in this world who would disagree with my statement. However, allow me to further explain what I mean. Yes, things may happen throughout your day that you may find upsetting and undesirable. But that can’t be helped. What does determine the rest of the day is how you respond. Everyone gets 24 hours a day. No more, no less. And life, in general, is nothing more than a mirror. Whatever you decide to show it, life will reflect it back to you. How you choose to live out your 24 hours is determined by your overall attitude of the day.

In reality, there is no such thing as a “bad” day. There are just “days”. Our attitude mixed with our mental state determines if it goes smoothly or rough. So how do you deal with the boss who is determined to make your time at work a living hell? Simple. Allow him or her to speak, and move on with your day as though nothing happened. Remember this: YOU CREATE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. If you decide to brew over what they did or said to you, you are doing nothing but wasting precious thoughts on someone not worthy to even be in them. Let me tell you something: getting angry at someone else and allowing them to take up the majority of your thoughts is like drinking your own poison and expecting the other person to receive the effects. You’re only killing yourself. I can guarantee you that they aren’t even thinking of you when it’s all said and done.

Remember these points when stepping out the door and beginning your day:

-You cannot control the actions of other people. All you can do is control your responses. It doesn’t matter what happens to you. What does matter is what you choose as a response.

-Try not to get into pointless arguments. Seriously, it wastes your precious time. You get no prize for winning. If they are wrong, let them be. Every man and woman has every right to be just as wrong as they want to be. Let it go. Move on with your day.

-What others think of you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Mind yours and watch how life unfolds for you.

-Concentrate on more positives throughout your day. When you do this, opportunities begin to show up more and more.

-Laugh throughout most of your day. Laughter is the medicine that can heal any bad feeling you may get from dealing with circumstances and people. And it brings more positive people and circumstances your way.

-Realize that God made you in His image. Life happens to all of us. Have faith that what we go through is nothing more than another adventure or lesson to learn. It will be alright.

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“The Three Energies: What Determines the Final Outcome?”



I started an experiment on my life based off of a theory that I came up with to see what results I would get from it. After a few weeks of bringing positive energy to all my situations, shortly after realizing what negative and neutral energy does, I have discovered a fundamental truth that has truly changed my experience in life and produced results far from what I’m used too. I had an “ah ha” moment and now decided to share this info with all you readers.

At many points in our lives, we encounter challenges that require some sort of response. The nature of the action we choose will determine the nature of the outcome. Actions to our everyday challenges are divided into three energy types: Positive action, Neutral action, and Negative action. For those who seek to gain more control over their lives can learn these three factors. Let me further explain and define these three types of action that had an tremendous effect on my life.

“Positive action is a response that provides positive feedback to situations, circumstances, and challenges that will eventually lead to a positive outcome.”(Reacting with a positive mental attitude) Usually when we face obstacles, we perceive them to be negative. In most cases, they usually are. However, when life places you in negative situations and you react with positive actions, the situation tends to iron out and you discover there was really nothing to worry about. If we can create a habit of performing positive actions with all our situations, we would live a much more positive life with more positive results no matter what we decide to get into(business, relationships, etc.)

“Neutral action is a response that is neither positive or negative.” Nothing is gained or lost from this type of action. Depending on the type of situation, circumstance, or challenge that you go through, the outcome will remain unchanged. It’s the equivalant of doing nothing at all. Choosing to do nothing is still a choice and therefore a form of action.

“Negative action is a response that provides negative feedback to situations, circumstances, and challenges that will eventually lead to a negative outcome”. For example, you encounter a negative situation and you react with negative action. I can guarantee you that you will not like the final result. It goes to that saying, “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”. This is why revenge will always hurt both parties in some way, fashion, or form. And the main reason why someone said that if you seek vengance, dig two graves: one for you and one for the other person. When it comes to handling problems at work, panicing and going into a frenzy(negative action) will only ensure that the problem gets worse.

My point is this: if we all embrace positivity as the centerpiece to our lives, we will reach our goals faster and live a productive lifestyle. Keep adding positives to your life and watch how people respond to you. Positive power is far more powerful than that of negative power. Keep adding!

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“Now Hiring: A Segment From Chapter 13″

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For many of us, we’ve heard the same ole tired line from our parents (those who aren’t rich or even close to being financially free), friends, and the rest of society. “The way to live your life comfortably is to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job with benefits. Is this similar to what you’ve heard? This is one thing I know for sure: Whoever said that was an evil genius. It was a great way to keep people within the “employee” mindset for most of their lives.

Honestly, who would want to move up or raise the standards if all you thought you had to accomplish was those three tasks to live life with options? It would be really hard to break that mindset if you’ve been raised to believe in that. We begin to learn and develop habits at a very young age. We imitate everything that our parents did and everything that they believed in. We began to weave their beliefs into our very own.

What if I told you that there is a way you can begin to live your life in such a way that you can choose to stop working for weeks and still be financially stable? Sounds like a fantasy right? I can ensure you that this is the truth and we see people do it every day. However, given what’s on television every single day, a lot of people fall into the belief that you would have to be a celebrity or a famous athlete to make it big. We also tend to fall into the thought that all you need to do is find ONE source of income and you can become financially free that way.

This won’t cut it in the real world. One very important factor that I taught my clients is that financial stability plays a very big role in our peace of mind. When I asked some of my client’s what they thought multiple streams of income was, they told me that they thought it was having more than one job. Unbelievable. For the great majority of our lives, people actually thought that the way to financial freedom was to work for more than one “boss”. In fact, the only thing that this would do is drain your life away.

You would literally be trading your TIME for MONEY. You would be trading your MOST PRECIOUS MOMENTS for MONEY. And if you look around, you would notice that a lot of people are living their lives this way. You must realize that this is the quickest way to become a zombie. Yes, zombies are real indeed. It’s the look a person has once their spirit is crushed, their dreams demolished, and their time wasted. If this is the way you feel about your life right now, it’s time for a change…….

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“A Preview From Now Hiring: The Fourth Level of The “Selfie” System”


Throughout time, men and women of history, who have dedicated themselves to the task of accomplishing their dream, have proven time and time again why the power of believing in yourself is crucial to becoming successful. Especially when those dark times of self-doubt creeps into your mind. This is the natural enemy to self-belief. We’ve all encountered those times when doubt overshadows the belief we have in ourselves.

This happens when we face a challenge that seems larger than we are. Since the first thought we naturally reach for is negative, we begin to doubt our own capabilities. It drains all of your creative energy from overcoming those challenges.

Those challenges can come from a decrease in your pay to making a life changing decision. But I’ll let you in on a secret. There is no one who is as powerful as you in defeating your own demons and overcoming your own challenges. You will have people out there that will tell you that they can overcome your challenges better than you. However, you must not allow what they say to distract you from the actual truth. There is no way they can.

We were all created differently with different sets of skills and abilities designed to overcome our own special challenges. These abilities can only be effective when you believe in them. I’m about to be incredibly real with you. Before you go into your office of your business or the kitchen or office of your workplace, have this singular thought in mind:

“Broke people have to see the results from their labor FIRST before they can believe in themselves. Wealthy people believed in themselves way BEFORE they ever saw results from their labors.”

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“Success Habits: Lorenzo Sellers and The Fear of Failure”


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“A Chapter From Now Hiring: One Who Good Fortune Favors”


How many times have you seen someone that you may or may not know, always receive what they want? Those very few are often times called the “lucky ones” or the “blessed”. It doesn’t seem to matter what the circumstances are for them. If they want something, they’ll get it. And the speed in which they get their prize is so great, one would think that they made a deal with the devil himself.

However, the key to receiving such a gift of good fortune lies dormant in those who have yet to recognize the full potential that they have. There are two types of people in the world that both hold the power. Except one of those types control the positive end of that power. Just like everything else in this world, there are two sides to fortune. One side gives you everything you want and need; the other side gives you less desirable results. What side you wind up using depends on the type of person you are.

The first type of person are those who have no aims in life. They have no goals set and absolutely no plans to follow. They are the ones who make up the greatest number of “employees” in big name companies, small stores, and warehouses.

They are the followers to those who created the master plan by setting a goal and acting on it. They are the ones who would rather blame others for their mistakes and refuse to take responsibility.

They are the ones who would rather watch television all day instead of using that time to develop themselves. This particular type of person goes with the flow and allows life to happen to them. 98% of the world’s population today falls into the category of the………

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“The Road To Massive Freedom: Watering Your Seed Of Greatness”


Did you know that there is a seed of GREATNESS inside each and every last one of us? It’s true. We all have the power, the skill, and the ability to not only make our own dreams come true, but to make other people’s dreams come true as well. Now the question is: how can one become great without violating the rights of others? Many times, and I know you’ve seen it, there is that one person who aspires to be great, but take the wrong path to get there by using other people. If they feel that you may be a “threat” to them rising to the top at your current workplace or in a competing market, they will do their best to ensure that you come out looking like the “inferior” product by either spreading malleolus, untrue rumors, or sabotaging your work.

Now here is the thing, our natural response would be to “get even”. Negative influences that reside in half of every atom in our body will try to overpower the positive influences. Here is the key to knowing that you are well on your way to greatness: you don’t retaliate in a negative way. You retaliate by moving forward. There will always be a person who will make it their sole mission in life to bring you down if you are quickly rising to claim your dreams. Accepting this fact will indeed improve your way of thinking and keep you moving. Instead of asking “why would anyone do such horrible things to me”, take it as a sign that you are on the right track. Thinking on why someone is after you will only delay your progress. If you are hurting no one, there is nothing to fear.

Water your seed of greatness by performing POSITIVE actions that may improve the lives of others. “That what you do or perform for others is what you do and perform for yourself”. Life will pay back in dividends for whatever you put out. Therefore turning your seed of greatness into the Tree of Greatness. Watering your seed with NEGATIVE actions will only ensure that your seed grows into the Tree of Isolation. No one would want to be around you, therefore confirming that you stay unnoticed in the world. This will produce horrific damage toward your income in the long run.

Remember this list of positive actions, apply them to your character if you haven’t already, and you will see a huge difference in how people react toward you, your annual income, and your greatness:

-Integrity: Be honest no matter what.

-Be Respectful: We all know the difference between right and wrong. Knowing this, you know if you are being disrespectful or not. Respect for others will take you a long way. There will be people who won’t respect you not matter what you do. Move on. They don’t have to be a part of your journey.

-Improve Yourself: Working harder on yourself will increase your value, PERIOD. Learn how to hone your skills and do it!

-Network: Networking with other people in your chosen profession will increase your chances of living a life with options. Don’t isolate yourself.

-Encourage Others: Encouraging other people to work on their dream will help you build a solid relationship with them. By doing so, you are putting out positive energy and it’s likely that they will do the same for others. This is how change occurs.

-Be Persistent: Get back up after you fail. It’s alright. As long as you learned from it, you can still move forward.

-Determination: This will power you to keep moving forward. Showing that you are determined to win can empower others to do the same.

-Face your Fears: No one have ever succeeded in running away or avoiding their fears. Fear is nothing more than an illusion designed by the devil to keep you right where you are.

-Do What Is Hard: To achieve greatness, you must do what is hard and necessary than what is quick and easy.

-Imagination: This is your most powerful tool. Others have allowed their’s to shrink due to not using it. Use yours and you will achieve the impossible.

See you at the top! #SuccessHabits #lorenzosellers #faceyourgiant#greatness