“First Step Toward Achieving Your Dreams: Simple Tips From The Blueprint To Success”


Today’s topic concentrates on a most important step to obtaining your dream. One who doesn’t set goals for oneself is destined to stay right where they are. My mentor told me that those who are at the top are those who had written down their goals. Goal setting is an important piece to building one’s future. Without it, a person tends to wonder around with no sense of direction.

An idea is just a dream until you write it down. Then it is a goal which you will make into a reality. By writing down your goals, you are actively moving toward your chief definite aim. From this point it would be easier for you to track your progress. It is fairly easy to see those who wrote down their goals. You may be working for that individual right now!

Those who truly want to be successful take their lives seriously by drawing out their “floor plan”. It’s time to face the reality for those who are seeking wealth. In order to become rich, you must plan and execute. But that dream is a far cry from you if you don’t plan correctly. Buy a notebook or whiteboard and start writing!

By having your goals out in front of you, it’s easier to set some steps to get to each individual goal. You could try to keep all your goals in your head, but I can assure you that you will only lose track. This in turn will hinder your progress to obtaining your major goal, whatever that may be. By following the goal setting method I am about to unveil to you, you are increasing your odds of success by 52%. The other 48% is all about execution.

This method is especially effective to those who are looking to build a business, being promoted, or taking your income to an entirely new level. This is no “get rich quick”, but you will definitely see results a little faster than you would have if you never wrote down your goals.

We live in a world where competition is everywhere. Why not give yourself the edge over that said “competition” and win. The first task you need to complete when setting your goals is to identify what it is that you wish to accomplish. Where would you like to end up in the next 5 years? How much would you like to see in your bank account?

This is what we call a long term goal. This serves as an end to your means. Without it, it would be hard to gauge where you would end up. Shortly after you identify what your long term goals are, you would set your short term goals that will lead up to your long term goal. What steps are necessary to reach your long term goal in the quickest manner?

Once you have that figured out, this is where you would set your daily tasks which will lead up to the completion of your short term goals. It is better to set tasks that need to be completed daily. This is a great way to keep track of your progress to wealth. Most millionaires have the habit of setting tasks every day.

This is the most effective way to reaching your goals. Once your goals are written down, you are actively putting your order in to the universe. Those who have written down their goals almost always get what they want. #followup #lorenzosellers #theblueprinttosuccess #faceyourgiant

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“Own Your Life: A Passage From The Book”


One of the most challenging things to do before you start your path to living an abundant life is to fully take responsibility for your life. Sit back and think about how many times you have blamed something or someone else for something not turning out the way that you wanted. Be completely honest with yourself.

Taking responsibility for your life and all that you do, this includes the decisions YOU made will put you in a place that, surprisingly, very few people have traveled. This means that it’s time to stop playing the blame game. This also means no more excuses for why you were late to work, why you couldn’t turn that research paper in on time, or why you are not earning as much money as you desire. We are ultimately responsible for where we are in life right now.

It has been proven many times in history that those who have taken responsibility for their actions have seen more success than those who haven’t. The chances are high that the CEO of that company you may be working for once came to this decision of taking full responsibility. By doing this, they can actually control the flow of their circumstances. Therefore, instead of them waiting for opportunities, they created them.

There is great reward for those who live by this concept. Although this is an amazing concept to live by, it is often overlooked by many. Have you ever seen someone who complains about everything get everything they want? Complaining is another form of not taking responsibility of the current circumstance or situation. So in the end nothing changes and one still won’t have full control over one’s life.

The question we all must ask ourselves once we go through an ordeal that may have placed us in an undesirable spot is “What am I going to do about it?” The decision you make from that question will determine the outcome. Your situation today was based off of a decision you made yesterday. So make a decision today that will place you in a better spot in the future. Invest in yourself. #faceyourgiant #lorenzosellers #followup

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“What Create Results?: Expand The Mind For Desired Outcomes”


What ever goes on within the confides of your mind will surely reflect on your outside actions. What does that mean? What you think about and how you think about them will determine the level of income you earn, the type of house you live in, the type of car you drive, the type of relationships you have, etc. Take a look at what you have right now. Everything that you have around you will tell you what type of thoughts you grant attention to.

This can make a real impact on your life. Since your most dominate thoughts will determine the type of actions you take which will determine the type of lifestyle you live, it would be best to expand your mind by learning all that you can. A person who only knows of working for wages cannot hope to attain the millionaire mark. But by learning and applying different and honorable ways to earn income, the chances of attaining such a mark increase. I know we all said it before, “we heard that before. It’s nothing new”. There is a reason why so many people still work for wages and a small amount earn giant amounts of income. Because one may have heard helpful information before, doesn’t mean that one utilizes it.

It is not enough to just “know” about something. It’s useless if you don’t put it to practical use. Here is one secret to success: Listen from those who have gone to where you want to go (i.e. books, mentors, programs, seminars), apply those steps to your own venture, and leave nature no choice but to send success your way. This alone will entirely change the way you think. Therefore, changing your actions and creating a different set of results you wouldn’t have gotten if you didn’t apply the one secret to success. This also works on other aspects other than money. The bottom line: Expand your mind in the direction you want to go, exceed your limits, and create desired results. #followup #lorenzosellers #faceyourgiant #thesellerssuccessgroup #theblueprinttosuccess

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“Time Travel To Wealth: The Key To Building A Solid Plan”



So how do dreams come true? How does one man accomplish the impossible by going from being homeless to multi-billionaire? How does one single mother become a millionaire practically over night? Most of these situations would seem quite outlandish to say the least. However, it has been done many times before. I am about to unveil to you the secret that can cause such “impossibilities” to become your current reality.

By envisioning yourself performing the steps neccessary to achieve your goals and doing exactly what you envisioned, you can bring a dream right into reality. All it would take is the correct mindset, a little imagination, and the drive to get it done. The #1 mistake alot of people make when trying to apply this proven technique into their business, schooling, career, or job, is that they only envision the end result. This will not be enough to ensure your success. It’s perfectly understandable to think of the end first. So many coaches have recommended that by using that technique, it will get you where you want to go. It’s great that you know what you want, but it won’t get you there just by knowing.

Often times, I would envision myself doing more pro bono, volunteering at more charity events, getting the right people supporting me, speaking to more businesses and individuals, and watching the fruits of my labor pay off. And by acting on what you envisioned, the results come close to what you saw as your end result if not the exact picture you drew for yourself. Life is truly simple to understand and master. However, the journey won’t be as easy as I make it seem. You will encounter your fair share of challenges, but keep in mind that they are just that….challenges. You will eventually overcome them. They are nothing more than temporary inconviences. They are not stronger than your visions.

What ever you may be into at this present time, what ever endeavor that you are a part of, this technique of critical thinking will yield the results you seek from it. Remember, only you can determine the final outcome of your life and the final outcome of your bank account. #faceyourgiant #followup#lorenzosellers

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“Circle of Value: Taking a Look Into Our Inner Circle”



As your circle diminishes, you will notice the value has drastically increased. By circle, I mean those who fancy themselves as your “friends”. Throughout life, you will gain new friends and lose old ones. But are those new one’s really there for you or there with their own secret agenda? This is where I apply that ever so old philosophy, “everything happens for a reason”. Everything happens with an intent to teach.

Normally to test your new “friendships”, life will throw some pretty serious situations your way that will show you who really supports you and who doesn’t. Serious events in your life will reveal the most valuable people in your circle. This also applies to business as well. You must be careful of who you let into your inner circle. Not everybody has the best intent for you, so be weary.

Having the wrong types of people in your life can seriously poison your progress for overall growth. If anything, it will stunt it. Have you ever noticed that you attract people into your life based off of the type of lifestyle you live? If you are a clubber, this it’s highly likely that your friends are clubbers too. If you are on a path to millionaireship, then your friends will be those who are ambitious enough to join you on the journey.

If you ever wonder where you are in life right now, just look at the type of company you keep around you. Birds of a feather flock together. Your circle doesn’t need to be huge. It just needs to be big enough to fit the most valuable people you have. Value will take you much further than sheer numbers will. Remember, this doesn’t make you a harsh person when you cut some people out of your life (Those who are only there for you when it benefits them). This makes you wise. Think on this and grow. ‪#‎lorenzosellers‬ ‪#‎faceyourgiant‬ ‪#‎followup‬ ‪#‎thecoachscorner‬

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